1.1 Naziv zanimanja(Name of the occupation)

Armirač, armirač – betonirac (Reinforcement concrete worker)

1.2 Šifra zanimanja (Code of the occupation)


1.3 Struka (Occupation family)

Geodesy and construction

1.4 Međunarodna kvalifikacija (International classification)


1.5 NIVO POTREBNIH KVALIFIKACIJA (Level of required classification)



2.1 OPIS ZANIMANJA (description of the occupation)

He/she designs armature of buildings that are being built, embedded concrete, cut, bend, bind, weld and place armature in reinforced concrete structures, tighten, secure the cable for prestressing the structure and elements, then pour concrete, hand or machine fills concrete and eventually handle concrete surfaces. Also, performs reinforcement and concrete laying of various pillars, supporting walls, reinforced-concrete slabs during construction work.

2.2 Grupa poslova / ključni poslovi / aktivnosti (Group of tasks / key tasks / activities)

2.3. Potrebna znanja, vještine i kompetencije (Required knowledge, skills and competence)

Preparation and organisation of work

  • Review the working documentation, determine the working procedure
    • Organize your work and work with smaller groups
    • Overview of operating instructions and technical and technological documentation
  • Preparing the workplace
    • Provides personal hygiene and occupational hygiene, wears a protective suit
    • Preparation of work place and resources (preparation of raw materials, supplies and tools)
    • Checks the preparation of the material in accordance with the work order
    • Perform preparatory work for setting reinforcement and concrete


  • Describes construction industry as a branch of the economy, classifies construction, and defines basic construction techniques
  • Describe the specificities of construction production and the connection of individual processes during the process
  • Describes basic rules of work organization organization
  • Apply operating instructions and construction documentation
  • Differentiate types, characteristics and compatibility of materials
  • Recognizes the basic types of reinforcement, concrete and plating and differentiates their application
  • Recognizes auxiliary materials and their application
  • Applies measurement and control techniques
  • Analyze all phases of the technological process in construction



  • Applies construction standards
  • Reads technical drawings with the design of reinforced steel and material specification
  • Preparation and use of tools, machines and equipment for reinforcement and concrete



  • Shows awareness of the importance of hygienic-technical maintenance of tools
  • Undertake measures for safe operation in accordance with regulations

Operational tasks

  • Clean, cut, shape, and mount reinforcements
    • Performs measurement and transmits measurements to specifications in projects, detailed designs and plans
    • Horizontal mesh network according to specifications in projects, detailed designs and plans
    • Connects the reinforcing rods in the reinforcing bases by means of the buoyancy (fork)
    • Prepare prepared armature assemblies on the depot of the armature with marked positions on each element according to the positions of the constructive project
    • Continues and binds the reinforcements by means of pickling, extensions or welding
    • Creates links between foundations and vertical elements
    • Creates links between foundations and ho-horizontal elements
    • Make and set reinforcement of vertical elements
    • Sets the foundation armor
    • Makes and mounts horizontal element armor
    • Develop of various cross-sections
    • Weapon panels of different types
    • Weapon columns of different cross-sections
    • Weapon of stairs
    • Weapon arches and arches and arches
    • plates
    • Weapon temporary facilities
    • Incorporates and connects reinforcements to molds and molds, and according to the plan of the project, in accordance with the technical regulations
  • Prepares concrete
    • Clean aggregate
    • Prepare quantity of components according to the given recipe and prepares the concrete, manually and in a mixer
    • Short-term storage of concrete according to standard
    • Take samples to determine the strength of concrete on pressure (test bodies, concrete cube)
  • Incorporates concrete in the coating
    • Transfers and manually installs concrete in the prepared plating
    • Perform vibrating (tapping) fresh concrete with vibrators
    • Make concrete elements
    • Care on prepared concrete
    • Tacks, cuts and drills ready concrete elements


  • Describes the organization of the workplace
  • Establish sources of danger at the workplace
  • Differentiates and sorts personal tools, accessories and machines
  • Explains the types and the physical and mechanical properties of materials and their application (steel, concrete, cement)
  • Estimates the ways of connecting non-material materials
  • Accounts and transfers horizontal and vertical measures, both surface and volume measures
  • Analyzes concrete mixing materials
  • Differentiate types and forms of mounting reproduction
  • Applies project documentation
  • Explains the use and importance of certain types of reinforcement
  • Applies basic regulations for reinforcement
  • Understands and applies the regulations and standards for embedding concrete in the coating
  • Recognizes extraordinary conditions



  • Handles and maintains tools, accessories and machines
  • Use the materials properly
  • Use means for measuring and transmitting measures
  • Use aids and instruments for measuring and transmitting measures
  • Recognizes types of reinforcing steel (rods), and types of reinforcing nets
  • Pick rods and reinforcement grids manually and mechanically
  • Folding of reinforced armatures manually and mechanically
  • Mounts a few armartur circuits
  • Properly selecting materials for concrete mixing
  • Constructs concrete with less volume
  • Manufactures and assembles horizontal and vertical reinforcement elements on the basis of project documentation
  • Manufactures and assembles the reinforcements necessary for the connection of foundations and horizontal constructive elements, as well as the foundations and vertical elements
  • Connects and continues armature
  • Properly selects reinforcement for beams of different cross-sections
  • Manufactures and assembles reinforcing frames for beams, panels, ceilings, foundations, stairs, vaults, arches, reservoirs and circular boards
  • Performs preparatory work and incorporates concrete into the coating



  • Develop responsibility for work and the environment
  • Develop team work skills
  • Develops ecological awareness when using and embedding material
  • Develops the importance of applying occupational safety measures
  • Understand the importance of proper working in the manufacture and installation of reinforcements
  • Develop awareness of the importance of construction during extraordinary conditions
  • Locate and improvise in construction at times of extraordinary conditions

Communication, commercial and administrative tasks

  • Communication
    • Communicates with associates and superiors
    • Communicates with service users
  • Completing the working documentation
    • Complete the work order by positions


  • Positive attitude towards change and innovation
  • Complete the work order by positions

Quality assurance, safety at work, preserving health and the environment

  • Control the quality of the mounted armature
  • Conducts the specifications of derived armored works
  • Checks and aligns designs and performed armored work
  • Quality control in accordance with standards and norms
  • Control the quality of work at all stages of production
  • Perform the work without endangering personal safety, safety of employees and the environment
  • Applies standards, and protection measures at work and fire protection


  • Describe the regulations and regulations in construction
  • Describe the basics of quality of building materials (reinforcement, connections, concrete)
  • Describe basic rules of work organization organization
  • Differentiate protection measures at work
  • Provide protection measures at work and provide first aid
  • Assess the safety of the workplace
  • List environmental protection measures



  • Applies standards in civil engineering
  • Undertake measures for safe operation in accordance with occupational safety and environmental regulations
  • Applies rules of operation with harmful and combustible materials
  • Demonstrates first aid



  • Shows awareness of the importance of occupational safety measures
  • Ensures the protection of human health and the environment in accordance with hygienic, technical, anti-pollution and other protective measures
  • Builds awareness of the proper sorting and disposal of construction waste

2.4 Poželjni stavovi koje se odnose na zanimanje (Desirable attitudes related to the occupation)

A sense of precision and neatness in the execution of construction works, and respect for building standards, is desirable.


3.1 Potrebe na tržištu rada (Needs at the labour market)

They can work in special facilities for the production of reinforcements and reinforced concrete elements, and can work on construction sites and directly prepare and install reinforcements.


4.1 Članovi ekspertne grupe (Expert group members)

  • Rajko Skokić, ing.građ., rukovodilac objekta, «Građenje» d.o.o. Pale
  • Muhamed Badić, dipl.ing.arh., rukovodilac gradilišta, «Elektrometal» d.o.o. Cazin
  • Ranka Milačić, dip.ing.građ., nastavnik stručnih predmeta građevinske struke, Srednjoškolski centar Pale
  • Amela Dervišević, dipl.ing.građ., nastavnica stručnih predmeta građevinske struke, Srednja stručna škola «Džemal Bijedić» Goražde
  • Jelena Kozić Vasić, mag.dipl.ing.arh., nastavnica stručnih predmeta, Građevinska škola Banja Luka
  • Bakir Zlatarević, dipl.ing.građ., nastavnik praktične nastave za građevinsku striku, Druga srednja škola Cazin
  • Mirela Komić, mag.dipl.ing.građ., nastavnica stručnih predmeta građevinske struke, Druga srednja škola Cazin
  • sc. Enisa Gološ, vd direktorica Pedagoškog zavoda Mostar
  • Mr.sc. Dina Borovina, direktorica Prosvjetno-pedagoškog zavoda Kantona Sarajevo

4.2 Predlagatelji (Proponents)

Competent education authorities

4.3 Web-stranica na kojoj je odluka o usvajanju standarda zanimanja objavljena

(Web-page of the decision on adoption of the occupational standard)


4.4 Rok do kojeg standard zanimanja treba evaluirati (The deadline by which the OS should be reviewed)

5 years


5.1 Specifična zakonska regulativa za zanimanje (Specific regulations for the occupation)


5.2 Rizici i radni uvjeti (Risks and working conditions)

They usually work outdoors and are exposed to unfavorable weather influences (rain, snow, cold, heat, etc.). He works on heights, in a bending or semi-detached position. There is often moisture and dust on the construction site

5.3 Specifični zahtjevi (Specific requirements)

They mixers need to be more powerful in body and good health. They must have good vision and hearing, with impeccable sense of balance, and permission (medical belief) to work at heights.